Letter: Inadequate resources

AT RISK of reminiscing about the good ol’ days of the 1970s, it appears we are to expect another drought this year (but at least back then, we had a long hot and dry summer to justify it).

We are already being told by Southern Water that our reservoirs at Ardingly and Lamberhurst are only 40 per cent full. Apparently for this time of year they should be 80 per cent full.

Yes it is true that rainfall is lower than usual, but hey that’s the British weather for you - unreliable. Unlike the ever rising demand on our increasingly inadequate water resources due entirely to a complete lack of foresight by town planners and water companies.

Can I be the only one to describe the current ‘let’s build houses everywhere’ attitude as stupid, greedy and selfish.

The word ‘No’ is under-used on developers and it appears we should be looking forward to a drought every year from now on. Even to make mortar, you need water.

Yet the authorities still think building more houses is justifiable. From every house that gets built and occupied, the council will receive taxes and the water companies will levy their standing charges - even when there is no water to come out of the tap.

I don’t think privatisation of such a vital natural resource ever looked like such a bad idea as it does right now.


Daux Way, Billingshurst