LETTER: Improvrements were work of GGP

Your letters
Your letters

Your readers may be interested to know that the recent path improvement work at Owlbeech Woods, which is owned by Horsham District Council, was carried out by volunteers from the Gatwick Greenspace Partnership (GGP) and not HDC directly, as your letter and photo from Jacqui Clark (and presumably others) have suggested in last week’s paper (WSCT 26.06.14).

GGP, which is part of the Sussex Wildlife Trust, works in the Horsham, Crawley and Horley areas and leads a range of weekly practical conservation tasks to improve our local green spaces for the benefit of people and wildlife and they are supported in their work by all the local authorities.

For more details, please visit us at; www.gatwickgreenspace.org.uk

For more details about volunteering with us, please email; kevinlerwill@sussexwt.org.uk

Or call 01293 550730. Thank you.

Kevin Lerwill

People and Wildlife Officer, Gatwick Greenspace Partnership, part of Sussex Wildlife Trust