Letter: Importance of Horsham district recycle message

The recycle advice label
The recycle advice label

Some of your readers have expressed their surprise that the bin hanger used to encourage residents to recycle more of their waste is not recyclable.

We know, from previous experience, that when we produce bin hangers from recyclable material they will disintegrate very quickly, litter the streets, and not be fit for purpose.

We need to get a very important message out to residents, and that is to increase the amount that they recycle to meet national targets.

So, with this in mind, we intentionally created this bin hanger with a coating that would make it more durable and able to withstand climatic conditions.

Overall we believe that the benefit of encouraging more recycling by our residents far outweighs the extra cost to the environment of producing a bin hanger that has a protective seal on it.

Philip Circus

(Con, Chanctonbury) Cabinet Member for Waste, Recycling and Cleansing, Horsham District Council, Chart Way, Horsham