LETTER: Impact of closing training facilities

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Horsham Blue Star Harriers have been part of Horsham for centuries. The Horsham Museum has a section devoted to the athletics club.

Do the council care? Clearly not.

Do they use the Broadbridge Heath track or attend the events held through the year and see young talent rubbing shoulders with Commonwealth Games medal winners? Clearly not.

Do the council who make decisions about closing training facilities for the inspired generation even have any idea how many young people will be affected by the closure of the tube at Broadbridge heath? Clearly not.

Ron Pickering was quoted in 1987, stating the reason British athletics was so far behind other countries in developing track and field was the lack of indoor facilities to train all winter.

Horsham council need to sit up and listen to its people. The government promised in 2012 that the Olympic Games would inspire a generation.

It has, but the council don’t want that generation to have the facilities they currently enjoy - indoor and outdoor athletics training.

We can’t stop the closure of Broadbridge Heath athletics track and the much used tube. I ask only this. Can the council give an answer to whether an indoor purpose built multi use tube is going replace the current one earmarked for closure?


Vale Drive, Horsham