LETTER: Impact of cash machine at store

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As reported in last week’s paper, Tesco are challenging the HDC decision to refuse planning permission to install an external ATM to their new controversial Express store in Brighton Road, Horsham.

The challenge is via the Planning Inspectorate so only those persons who were involved in the initial application can have an input.

Whilst Tesco, debatably though not unreasonably, contest that they provide adequate parking and that the ATM would not have an adverse affect on traffic flow their claim that it would not impact on the local amenity is outrageous.

Typically one has to consider what Tesco do not say. For instance they do not say that it will be available 24/7 and who is likely to use it between 23:00 and 06:00 am. They do not mention security which is not surprising since the raids on the, now removed, ATM at Mannings Heath.

They do not mention the headlights from cars shining in residents’ windows at night while they park. They do not mention the nuisance of vehicle doors banging. They do not mention the intrusion into public privacy by CCTV cameras.

They do not mention that the ATM is of no benefit to their retail business when the store is closed.

They do not mention that the Forest Neighbourhood Council had suggested an internal machine would be more acceptable.

So what do they say! Apparently the fact that these premises were previously a restaurant has some bearing on it, enough has already been said about that issue in the past.

They say the machine makes little noise, true, but that’s not quite the issue is it. They say the nearest residential property is ‘some distance away’, being next door!

They say the activity would be commensurate with that of a shopping frontage, like a large battleship grey edifice that every shop should have one!

They will clear up the waste paper hourly assuming the little slips have not blown away by then and how much paper will it make anyway, and all night!

OK I will come clean that I am disappointed the store is there at all but there is no need at all to impact the lives of those living locally who have to put up with the disruption and disturbances locally.

Tesco have always said they would not open this store 24/7 but could this be the thin end of the wedge of change?

And who will benefit anyway from ‘The Tesco Cash Machine’.


St Leonards Road, Horsham