LETTER: Immigration is bursting Britain

I write in response to the letter from L. N. Price published in County Times of June 13. Perhaps your readers deserve some of the fantasies to be dispelled: Price states that UKIP took eight per cent of the West Sussex vote. Actually UKIP took 30 per cent, just eight per cent behind the Tories. Perhaps the true arithmetic confused him? In my own county division I took more votes than all the other parties combined and in two of the county’s seven districts UKIP scored more than any other party.

My teaching pension from 16 years work will be modest and my pension from my previous 16 years in the private sector suffers from the same market forces that Price describes. If he is intimating that teaching is a cushy option, he should try out the soul-destroying 60-hours per week grind inflicted on dedicated teachers by the modern British education system. Don’t take my word for it, Mr Price, just ask any teacher. But get in quick, because sadly those who can, are getting out of the profession as fast as they can.

I see no irony in my wife being Malaysian, my sister-in-law Spanish and Nigel Farage’s wife being German. This is natural, small-scale, sustainable immigration, where folks marry in to an indigenous population. It is wholly unlike the mass invasion of vast communities coming on to this island to establish rival, separate cultures, often antagonistic to the fair and liberal values, which we British have established over centuries.

Anyway, what UK population level does Mr Price want? 80 million, 90 million? Clearly, he favours a wide open door to Britain. Sorry, but UKIP disagrees. The immigration controls referred to are a Conservative, Liberal, Labour fallacy. After all, controlling immigration is illegal. Our EU masters in Brussels make that quite clear.

Regarding the housing needs of the indigenous population, the British indigenous population has been going down! It is immigration that is bursting Britain and plundering our beautiful countryside for development. Ironically, our biggest threat is not from outside of this island, it is from the likes of Price here in Britain, who would happily conspire against the interests of the British people. Clearly, UKIP’s not for you, Mr Price.

Mike Glennon

UKIP Branch Chairman and Leader of Opposition