LETTER: Immediate start on road works

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Although the decision of the Government Inspector to give the green light to the North Horsham development plan will come as a disappointment to those who objected to the scheme ‘per se’ nevertheless I should stress - as a resident in the area that actually borders this development - it does give the Highways Agency the welcome opportunity to reorganise the transport system in North Horsham - something which is long overdue.

It is also with relief that I note in paragraph 22 of his report that Mr Salter accepts the view of the Highways Agency that there would be no adverse effects on the strategic road network-when mitigated- and that delays on local roads could be averted by junction improvements

The Inspector has of course recommended that there should be a six month delay pending another submission by HDC as to where there will be a further number of houses to be built.

That said and given the fact Liberty International has won the argument that at some stage in the future house building will commence within this designated North Horsham site then there would appear to be absolutely no need to delay their transport plans to block off Langhurstwood Road and quickly build the new road together with the improvements sanctioned by the Inspector.

This together with the junction layouts, bridge overpass on the A264 for cycles/pedestrians and width restrictions on the small northern rural roads to inhibit the rat-running towards Gatwick will be a vast improvement.

It is not generally known - I believe - that Network Rail closed vehicular access to the A24 across Warnham Station circa 2003, although there is no problem for pedestrians in crossing the line.

Quite a long time ago I was part of a group which submitted a request to Network Rail to reopen this road by a similar unmanned automatic barrier which operates at Parsonage Road fronting the Novartis complex but here again - as was the case of building a new Langhurstwood Road - it was turned down because of the cost factors.

Hopefully if Liberty and HDC use their muscle power then this crossing could be reopened and greatly relieve the commuter blockages seen at the Great Daux roundabout which admittedly can be very irritating at times.

So it seems to me that the road transport plans should start straightaway and not just be put ‘on hold’ until the summer passes while the arguments about the exact location of further housing continues to rage on and on.


Langhurstwood Road, Horsham