LETTER: Ignorance of UKIP policies

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Your letters

L.N. Price’s thoughtful and intelligent letter (22 August) is sadly marred by his ignorant references to UKIP and its policies, or ‘policy desert’ as he prefers to call it. Have you ever studied UKIP’s full manifesto of policies, Mr Price? I thought not.

He then refers to the ‘narrow minded bigotry’ that typifies UKIP and its supporters. I think you might be muddling us up with the BNP, Mr Price. UKIP is utterly blind to a person’s colour, religion, race, sex, sexual orientation, hair colour, shoe size and any other kinds of bigotry you may have in mind.

On the question of immigration, UKIP does not and never has sought to stop ‘foreigners’ from coming here, not even the Flemish weavers from whom Mr Price claims descent. They come from a bit near Brussels for comfort, perhaps, but you can’t hold that against them.

My own view, and that of UKIP, is that we should welcome those who will be an asset to this country, but we don’t think it is right that the riff raff of the world should have an automatic right to come here and sponge off the British taxpayer. At bottom, these decisions should at least be made by the British people themselves, not imposed on us by Brussels.

UKIP’s core policy is simply that Britain should revert to being a self-governing democracy. Is that such a terrible thing, Mr Price? If that makes me a bigot in your eyes, then that is a badge I shall wear with pride.


UK Independence Party, Curzon Avenue, Horsham