LETTER: Hugely important for all athletes

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Your letters

I am writing with regards to the relocation of Broadbridge Heath athletics track but more importantly, the closure of The Tube.

The Tube is hugely important to all the athletes at Horsham Blue Star as well as other athletes from surrounding clubs, for example many athletes from Brighton use it on a regular basis, especially during the winter months.

Where will these athletes train if there aren’t any indoor facilities locally? I believe the nearest is at Carshalton, which is approximately an hour’s drive from where we live!

On a more personal level, I have two sons, age 14 and ten. Both pole vault and my eldest also high jumps.

If the weather is bad they train in The Tube at least three times a week. Driving to Carshalton three times a week isn’t an option.

My eldest is in the high age group of U15s, he is currently ranked 7th in Pole Vault, in the country and has won the England indoor Championships, finished 7th at English School and just recently finished 1st at the SEAA Inter counties. He wouldn’t be competing at this level without The Tube.

I believe there have been proposals for a multi usage venue to be built. There are so many athletes that would benefit from an indoor sprint area with a box area for Pole Vault usage.

With so much local talent it seems ludicrous that the council don’t seem to think that it is a necessity! Jade Lally is proof of how beneficial The Tube is for the next generation of athletes!

I trust you will see the importance in the new development being able to cater for everyone’s needs and trust we can count on the support of the local paper.


Gingers Close, Cranleigh