LETTER: How many more surprises for us?

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Horsham District Council leader Ray Dawe’s New Year message in his fortnightly article (9/1/14) was that ‘we need more houses…’.

Exactly a week later he got what he wanted when his Cabinet Member for Strategic Planning Claire Vickers obliged by announcing the details(16/1/14).

Councillorllr Vickers now tells us there are going to be another 1,000 houses on top of the 11,500 she’s planned for in the Preferred Strategy. This announcement came exactly five weeks after a council meeting which discussed the lower figure.

The councillors Dawe, Vickers, Croft and Rae plan proposed 2,500 houses to be dumped in North Horsham, along with a 500,000 sq ft industrial park (which in six months no company has expressed a wish to come to); a secondary school in the wrong location of the town and that will change the school catchment areas; and a crematoria which was recently rejected by the southern councillors at their planning meeting.

Councillor Vickers firmly says none of the 1,000 additional houses will be in North Horsham but is the 2,500 figure a moving target as well? How many more surprises has this quartet got for us?


Tennyson Close, Horsham