LETTER: Housing pushes out bowls club

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Why is HDC whitewashing our leisure facilities and the indoor bowls club at Broadbridge Heath to build yet more housing and retail units? MONEY I guess.

HDC, in their early statement, led the bowls club to believe a new club would be accommodated in the new leisure centre being built approximately 100 yards from the present club – we actually saw the plans – and the present club would not be demolished until the new centre was built.

Now, ‘a leisure centre is to be built not where first stated, but near to the present BH Football Club ground, which may include bowls rinks’.

Where, HDC, are the present 400 members of the present club to play bowls? Are you intending to bury them in the foundations of the retail park?

If all the present housing, and that still being built is sold, more members will join the bowls club, if there is one available.

Come on HDC – don’t be so spineless. Let us know what you intend to do. Stop keeping decisions under wraps. We, as council taxpayers, are entitled to know. We don’t want to hear ‘the leisure proposals were not discussed at the meeting on April 30, as the housing proposals took more time than anticipated’!!!

Some 400 people need to know what is happening now so they can stop worrying about the future of the club. Our working committee are desperately trying to keep the club updated, but can’t get any information.

HDC – get your finger out now.


Manton Court, Horsham