LETTER: Hotel and store needed by town

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The whole of the Novartis site will now be available for development. I hope the district council will be more adventurous than just using it for more housing.

Horsham has long been lacking two requirements for a medium sized town of 50,000.

Horsham has virtually no hotel accommodation. The art deco central portion of the main Novartis building would ideally be retained in the design of a high quality but not five star hotel including spa, pool, bar and restaurant. The ideal location would have been the King and Barnes site, as proposed by Hiltons, rather than the apartments, which were built.

Horsham also needs a more competitively priced supermarket such as a Morrisons, Aldi or Asda to give real price competition to Waitrose or Sainsbury’s. These stores would not come to Horsham without their own car parking.

Sites within Horsham which could accommodate these proposals are becoming increasingly rare. They should not be used for housing but reserved for things which Horsham sorely lacks.


Cootes Avenue, Horsham