Letter: Hospital has to be part of scheme

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AT LAST a sensible idea for a much-needed development, but only if the new hospital is part and parcel of it!

People in the Horsham area have had so much immediate need health services removed from the local area, and we have to travel to that godforsaken place at Earlswood.

A few years ago I spent about ten days in there and while I had no complaints personally with the treatment I had, other than laying in a side room of A&E for 32 hours before a bed could be found (yes my tongue is in my cheek), at my time of life I dread to think of what may happen if I end up as an a emergency trying to get to that place, specially in the rush hours.

And my family would be unable to visit without friends’ help.

I watched across the ward as a elderly lady from Southwater travelled in by bus for a half hour or so each day to watch her husband die.

She, poor thing, was exhausted by the travelling and the changing in busses to get to see him for a very short while before having to make the return journey.

To have a development of such scale with the forethought of schools and shops and a vastly improved station which would also serve Warnham and North Horsham is in my honest opinion a best offer yet in the development in the area.

The future residents would have access to both the A24 (still in need of improvement) and the A264 with access to both Horsham town and Crawley for the larger stores.

But I say again only if the proposed hospital is part and parcel of the development.

If it isn’t, then no development.


Church Road