Letter: Horsham planned vision a ‘sham’

Horsham town centre
Horsham town centre
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I agree with the sentiments of Dr David Durrington in his letter last week(‘Listening to the public’).

To have a public consultation on such an important subject as the Horsham town centre vision for the future solely online is a disgrace.

The council obviously knows that this would be the line of least resistance as far as the public comments were concerned.

I checked the website only to find that there were 95 pages!

Do they think that everyone will plough their way through all that.

The maps and sketches were so small as to be useless.

Trying to enlarge them only made them all blurred and impossible to read.

This whole planned vision for the future is a sham. It is largely a cosmetic make-over.

It seemed to me that one of the main features was to build houses on many of the car parks that now exist.

Also, what happened to the market stalls plan down at the Bishopric end, that I thought was a good idea?

Norman Saxby

Treadcroft Drive, Horsham