LETTER: Horsham needs more art, not less

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Your letters

We all know how two people never like the same poem, the same piece of music, or artwork. Very naturally there are some people who passionately love Rising Universe in the centre of Horsham, and some who don’t.

The town’s ratepayers have however spent vast sums on the sculpture over the years. Any question of the sculpture being destroyed, and therefore them losing their investment, seems wrong.

The actual costs of getting Rising Universe working again is very small. There is a flexible pipe that has broken three times. This is because, innocently, the wrong material was used, given the chemicals for water cleansing that had been chosen. It would cost in the region of £20-£30 for the pipe, plus an half a day’s labour to install.

The sculpture itself needs care as it has been allowed to get into a terrible state. It would take approximately two weeks to cleanse and restore the sculpture itself. The issue of pigeons getting into the sculpture only arose when the sculpture was switched off, as there was no water being discharged.

There are possible plans to alter the walkway in the area of the rockery and stream, adding potted trees and new paving stones instead. To achieve this there is no logic to removing the water sculpture.

It makes a great feature at the centre of the four pathways. The sculpture has become a famous part of Horsham.

There are also thoughts of erecting an equestrian sculpture, to revive the sense of a Horse Fair, possibly part of Horsham’s history. A lovely idea.

There is nothing against the water mobile and a horse sculpture both happily in the same big area. Horsham needs more art, not less.


Rising Universe creator, Mary Place, London W11 4PL