LETTER: Horsham MP aloof from all the chaos

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Your letters

I read Horsham MP Francis Maude’s piece in WSCT 13 March 2014 (Horsham edition) ‘Open and honest government culture’, and wondered how he could write all this stuff when there is chaos in Horsham District and he seems above it all somehow.

So far as I know he has remained aloof from the debate about housing and economic development in Horsham District.

Two fellow Mid Sussex MPs arranged a debate in Westminster Hall about their concerns over housing.

South Downs MP Nick Herbert has been very outspoken. Yet Francis Maude has only said in effect local people must sort it out.

I was inclined to agree with Andrew Campbell who entered his comments on your website after reading Francis Maude’s piece:

‘Now I KNOW I slipped into a parallel universe. Francis Maude, the archetypal Tory yes man preaching about open and honest government.

With his party machine ruling HDC like a rural fiefdom and a system so far from democracy it is a joke and he talks about open and honest government?

Now I KNOW the lunatics are running the asylum.’


Owlscastle Close, Horsham