LETTER: Horsham Hospital offers the solution

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Your letters

On page 12 of the West Sussex County Times of 7 August I read your special report on the proposed relocation of three town centre GP surgeries out of town

to Broadbridge Heath. Then on page 13 I see that Horsham Hospital is currently under-utilised.

The hospital has 1) an excellent x-ray department, 2) an excellent phlebotomy unit with extremely efficient and competent staff, 3) a minor injuries unit 4) an excellent physiotherapy department and finally 5) it is CENTRAL.

It seems to me that all that is needed is an inclusive ECG/Ultrasound unit plus GP offices and we have the blindingly obvious solution to the problem of surgeries bursting at the seams and with all the services required under one roof.

If slight expansion is required I do not feel that local people would object to a small incursion into the park to satisfy vital health needs.

If the ludicrous plan to relocate surgeries to Broadbridge Heath goes ahead it will mean two bus journeys to get to see a doctor and two bus journeys to get home again for a great many people. That is in addition to visits to the hospital for the necessary investigations.

We are constantly being told that as Horsham is the major town in the area we must bear the majority of the house building for the area.

So why propose to move vital GP services OUT of town? Could it be that, once again, our councillors are being led by the nose by developers foisting upon us building that we either do not need and/or is in the wrong place?


Havengate, Horsham