Letter: Horror at litter trail in Rusper

I LIVE in the picturesque village of Rusper and have done so since emigrating from Australia some 30 years ago.

There is a 400 yard stretch of East Street where my property is located and I regularly ‘litter pick’ as I have a strong sense of pride in my adopted country.

I hadn’t carried out this project for four months until January 22.

To my horror I picked up about 300 items including eight Blossom Hill wine bottles, 17 energy drink cans, 32 beer cans, 21 cigarette packets and 42 chip and confectionery packets.

What a mess and what does each generation teach the next with regard to common sense?

I have sent a photograph - and as I have said this is only 400 yards of a small rural lane; god knows what the rest of the country is experiencing!


East Street