LETTER: Honourable and necessary

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Members of the Horsham Conservative Association (HCA) have stood up to the Tory councillors from the ‘Deep South’ who are led by Cllr Ray Dawe.

Cllr Dawe and his cabinet cabal tore up a 30-year promise not to build in the Strategic Gap which allowed Cllr Vickers to have a watered down policy on avoiding ‘coalescence between communities’ in place of the existing stronger policy that has served Horsham well.

Her next step was to then move 2,500 houses and a planned secondary school from her home patch of Southwater into what is now the dumping ground of North Horsham - which is now to have the crematoria that the Tory councillors from the Deep South have moved from the A272 to save them from losing their seats in May.

And so local Conservative members did the honourable and necessary thing on February 14 by removing Mrs Croft and Mr Rae who failed their communities when they voted for Cllr Vickers’ and Ray Dawe’s housing blueprint for Horsham.

But Horsham Conservatives must finish the job and dump Cllr Roy Cornell (Roffey South) and Cllr Kate Rowbottom (Billingshurst and Shipley) both of whom voted for this flawed plan.

Cllr Kate Rowbottom played her part in the sacking of Cllr Christian Mitchell when she proposed Cllr Brian O’Connell to be chairman of council on 26 February 2014 in place of Cllr Mitchell - the first time ever a vice-chairman of council has never gone on to become its chairman.

This vote was what Cllr Burgess said was a ‘three line whip’. Cllr O’Connell at that time was deputy cabinet member for planning to Cllr Vickers - which says it all.

If local Conservatives don’t do their own dirty work then the public will do it for them on Thursday 7 May.


Heath Way, Horsham