LETTER: Home like bizarre noise experiment

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Your letters

This morning the planes started flying overhead at 5.53. And they have been flying over every 3- 5 minutes.

Some days have been better than others. Today and on 1st April were bad.

I’m just wondering – do you have any idea about what it is like?

It’s like your home has been turned into some sort of bizarre noise experiment. Where you have no control.

On some days you’re ok. The noise isn’t too bad.

And on other days- it’s like getting an electric shock, every few minutes. Where you have no control. And it’s not just you – it’s your family as well.

And you can’t protect them. And you can’t stop the noise. And everyone is tired, and ratty and distracted. And annoyed that they didn’t sleep well.

And someone else is controlling the experiment. And you feel like a lab rat. So you complain and do what you can to stop the noise.

But the experiment keeps running.

Do you have any idea about how that feels?

I know how bad it was on 1st April, because, as part of my work I was running a parenting webinar.

Ironically it was on how parents can help their children with stress and anger!

I had to block up my window with cushions and blankets, to stop the noise from the planes interfering with the broadcast of the webinar.

That’s my work. That’s how I make a living. And I can’t even rely on the peace and quiet of my own home to be able to run my own business.

I’ve enclosed a photo of my window (pictured on p36), so you can see what someone living in your ‘trial area’ is having to do to stop the aircraft noise. To earn a living.

Please can you do what you can to stop the Gatwick trial, and ask them to use the normal flight paths, where people bought their homes knowing that they would be subject to the noise, and whose windows have glazing that is suitable for aircraft noise?

Elizabeth O’Shea

Dorking Road, Warnham