LETTER: Holy days have become holidays

Your letters
Your letters

As we approach another Easter, I ask whether we really believe in the influence of a supernatural being in the world.

If not, should we not refrain from promoting such an idea in our schools and local institutions?

Such ‘Humanism’ could provide a more logical and realistic society than in the past, by concentrating on our own responsibility for our current situations.

We could save time and money and perhaps raise our own self-confidence towards contributing to a better world.

Would a secular state necessarily lack hierarchy, pageantry and colour?

Could our emotions be helped towards an internal rather than external authority, based on current reality, rather than ‘fairy tales’ and ‘hoping it might be so’?

The mystery of Christmas and Easter etc is already being replaced by holidays rather than holy days, thus changing our economic if not our political status.

If you would like to discuss such matters, come and join the Horsham branch of the Humanists’ Association of Great Britain, which meets monthly on every first Monday evening at 8pm at the Rising Sun pub in Pondtail Road.

Everybody welcome, believers or not, website www.horshamhumanists.net

Jean Cannon

Comptons Lane,