LETTER: Henfield deserves local candidate

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Your letters

The people of Henfield deserve to be represented by a genuine local resident and not by a reject that lives 13 miles away.

Is the Conservative Party in Henfield so depleted of members that it cannot find a local person to stand? It is difficult to understand why they have chosen Ms Croft as a candidate.

To have been spectacularly de-selected by the Horsham Conservative Association proves they don’t like her, she has a poor track record of achieving anything worthwhile and a habit of not attending important meetings.

According to the County Times she did not make the meeting last month at which she was ‘dumped’ by the Conservative members and I noticed from social media that she missed the important council meeting on March 18.

Presumably she is conveniently absent again because she knew her selection would unleash fury by the good people of Henfield.

If the Ulster unionists and DUP can come to some pact or deal then let us hope that common sense prevails and the people of Henfield have the sense to put up a local resident as an independent candidate to hopefully get rid of Ms Croft once and for all.


Crawley Road, Horsham