Letter: Help for customers

I AM WRITING in response to the article in your newspaper (February 2) on support around water bills for people undergoing renal dialysis at home.

Disappointingly, we were not approached for a comment for inclusion in the article, so we would like to make your readers aware of some important information on the issue.

Along with all other water companies in England and Wales, we have a WaterSure tariff in place which offers reduced charges for eligible households which are on a low income and which have a water meter.

On this tariff a customer’s annual bill will be capped at a maximum of £416 (under our 2012-13 prices) for combined water and wastewater charges, which works out at a cost of £1.14p a day.

Households where someone living there is undergoing home dialysis may qualify for WaterSure.

The tariff also covers a number of other medical conditions which require more water to be used in a household than would normally be the case, as well as households where someone is responsible for three or more children under 19 (and in full time education) who also live there.

Customers can find out more about WaterSure by visiting our website www.southernwater.co.uk and clicking on the Domestic Customers tab at the top of the page, and then visiting the ‘Difficulty paying your bill’ section. They can also call our specialist team on 0800 027 0363.

We would encourage customers who think they are not eligible for the WaterSure tariff and who are having genuine difficulty in paying their water bills to contact us to discuss their circumstances. They can visit our website or call us, as per the information above, to find out about the support available under the full range of schemes we have in place.


Customer engagement manager for Southern Water’s metering programme.

Yeoman Road, Worthing