Letter: Heart-warming story

Letter. Photo: Shutterstock SUS-150730-111636001
Letter. Photo: Shutterstock SUS-150730-111636001

May I through the courtesy of your paper, thank several strangers who helped me when I was in dire straits on Thursday September 7.

I was waiting for a bus to Crawley and put my shopping bag, handbag and umbrella on the seat in the bus stop. A couple passed me just before the bus came.

As soon as I got on the bus and it speeded off I realised I had left my handbag on the seat.

It contained all my money, credit cards, housekeys etc. I was of course distraught. I couldn’t get off the bus until it stopped just before Faygate.

I rushed in to the Transport Café there to see if there was perhaps a taxi. The charming lady in charge saw my distress and called out “Is there anyone here to help a lady in distress”.

A lovely gentleman asked what had happened and immediately offered to take me back to the bus stop. We went immediately but I was quite convinced that we would find an empty bus stop and no bag.

Imagine my amazement in getting there to find the gentleman and lady whom I had previously seen, now sitting at the bus stop holding my bag.

They had seen what had happened and realised I would try to get back to the stop and in order to prevent it being stolen, they had stopped there with it.

I thanked them as much as I could but they went off so quickly I felt I could not express my gratitude enough. My good fortune did not stop there.

My great driver whose name I found was John, asked where I was going. I told him I was going to Crawley and right away he said “OK I’ll take you there”.

He took me right to the Mall and then refused point blank to take any money as I wanted at least to recompense him for the petrol used.

To say that my faith in human nature was restored is putting it mildly. If the charming couple who found my bag read this I would so like to make contact with them so that I can thank them properly.

When I think what could have happened if my bag had got into the wrong hands shivers run up my spine.

Cynthia Tisman

Conifers Close, Horsham