Letter: ‘headlong plunge towards destruction’

FROM reading the briefing document for the Strategic Planning Advisory Group (SPAG) of Horsham District Council (HDC), it is abundantly clear that this Conservative-dominated council is intent on continuing its headlong plunge towards the destruction of our part of rural West Sussex.

This is despite the imminent demise of Labour’s reviled South-East Plan. HDC’s ambitions mean that at least 820 houses could be built in Horsham district every year until 2031, a total of perhaps more than 16,400.

This policy will only benefit those with land to sell and some individuals who can manipulate the system, but such people represent only a tiny minority of those who live and work in Horsham district.

The vast majority of inhabitants will simply have to endure the council-induced degradation of our area into a facsimile of Croydon and that is clearly what they do not want, otherwise they would go and live in that conurbation, would they not?

People should understand that those who wish to convert 800 acres of farmland to the north of Horsham into a concrete wasteland, those who want to create mayhem at Billingshurst by building a brick bridgehead for the eventual drive to the A24 and those others who will not rest until Southwater and Horsham are linked forever by new housing, are not driven by concern for the poor, the aged, the unemployed, the simply unlucky or merely for the general good. They are driven by the prospect of self-enrichment and nothing else.

I am inclined to ask why our Conservative-dominated council should be so rabidly anxious to pursue a policy that their constituents almost universally do not want.

It was noteworthy that at the last district council election there was hardly any reference at all to building plans in either of the two major parties’ manifestos. It was an issue that they simply ignored, presumably hoping nobody would notice.


The Coopers, Itchingfield