Letter: HDC should admit it’s wrong

DESPITE the Conservative Horsham district councillors attempts to restore their flagging reputations in the County Times on January 5, following the recent bad press HDC has received over both the Town Hall and Broadbridge Heath Leisure Centre fiascos, their letters did nothing to reassure me.

It seems they have learnt nothing from the last few years representing the people of Horsham – it’s not just about the money, it’s about representing the residents’ views.

We are effectively being told that times are tough and you’ll just have to trust us to make the right decisions for you.

Wrong! After having watched HDC waste hundreds of thousands of pounds in failed Town Hall schemes that the residents of Horsham made very clear they didn’t want (on a number of occasions), the last thing I’m prepared to do now is trust HDC to get it right this time.

To say the Town Hall must be put up for sale is not correct – if it were they would have done this years ago.

This is just another attempt to avoid losing face as HDC find themselves backed into a smaller and smaller corner. It’s time we had some honesty and transparency on this issue.

I’d like to see HDC admit it was wrong and finally let the Blue Flash Music Trust save the Town Hall for the benefit of everyone – because despite what HDC would have you believe it does make financial sense to do the right thing.


Croft Way, Horsham