LETTER: HDC, please will you listen?

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Your letters

It is rare that I feel compelled to write and complain about anything - but with this I had no choice.

Quite simply the proposal for an extra 2500 houses in North Horsham is ludicrous and I fail to see any sense in it what so ever. Let’s summarise my key thoughts as to why;

· This idea has been pushed into consultation in the summer months in an obvious attempt to go un-noticed. Please don’t treat the Horsham residents as stupid and pretend otherwise - as we are not!

· Why has a greenfield site been chosen when there is adequate brownfield land elsewhere? Is something being kept from us as to why this is preferable? Is it easier for the developers to build on a greenfield site so that they are able to keep costs down and increase their profit?

· There are far better areas for development as has already been proven in numerous pieces of previous research.

· Only 1000 more new houses are needed for the district as confirmed by Councillor Burgess. So why has this number been more than doubled?

· The argument of “we need more affordable housing” is quite simply a joke. Can anyone honestly say that the value of new properties is reducing with all the current houses that are being built? The simple answer is no, and in fact quite the opposite! The only people that will benefit from this are the developers and dare I say the council – the wishes of the local residents as ever will be brushed aside if this goes ahead. Do we really deserve to be treated like insignificant beings and is that really what the role of the council is about? If the facts (and let’s repeat that “the facts”) dictate that we need more houses then this needs to be progressed in a considered and fair way – one that residents are happy with and one that benefits the environment - and not just the developers.

· People in Horsham are sick and tired of being pushed around with crazy ideas such as this being forced upon them. I don’t think HDC realise just how high emotions are running currently, as quite literally everyone in Horsham is objecting to this idea. Please listen Horsham District Council – as the saying goes if 100 men tell you you’re dead then lie down!

I only hope you reach the right decision Horsham District Council. You have reached a crossroads and have the chance to show that you listen to the residents of Horsham and care as what they feel and think. Or alternatively……….

Yours hopefully

Mrs J Best