LETTER: Has candidate signed Charter?

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Your letters

Mrs Helena Croft – for the moment - remains part of the inner cabal of councillors around the leader Ray Dawe.

The ‘cabinet system’ has meant that eight individuals run our local council with backbenchers feeling left out and with no proper role.

Surely it is time for this to change. Some other councils are taking the necessary steps to go back to the ‘committee system’. Cllr Circus ducked this opportunity when he was chairman of council.

So are the councillors we elect on May 7 likely to have the bottle to stand up and get the system changed?

The council represents all of us – throughout the district. Your pages have reported goings on over many months that may lead readers to question whether this current council is suitable to carry us forward.

Public faith and trust in politicians is at its lowest for years.

A councillor may belong to a political party – they may support and believe in the values of that party – but the question is do councillors once elected stick to those values when acting on our behalf?

Have they got the individual courage to say ‘this is not right and goes against our values’?

Perhaps readers should be asking who are my councillors at present? Do I know them?

What evidence have their actions shown that they have values acceptable to me?

One example might be that they are prepared to speak their mind whatever the political consequences.

Do they support the County Times Free Speech Charter and have they signed it?

If not, what – or who - is stopping them from signing?


Havengate, Horsham