Letter: Hard work of Horsham Hospital friends - how you can help

Horsham Hospital
Horsham Hospital

While in the town I saw the lotal volunteers collecting for the League of friends of Horsham Hospital.

I was appalled to discover how much membership of the league has declined over the years, in contrast to the growth in population in the area and this prompted me to write this letter.

Maybe people don’t realise the tremendous support the league gives to our wonderful local hospital - and perhaps they don’t realise either that a £1 subscription could mean so much.

The League of Friends contributes so much to the hospital, both in providing vital medical equipment to all departments and to improvements to many of the patients’ facilities.

Membership forms are obtainable from the hospital - so come on Horsham people, whether new or old - everyone can spare £1 a year (a little more would be a bonus!).

And if in future you need to use the newly refurbished physio department, or the excellent minor injuries dept, or the x-ray or blood test department, or are being cared for in one of their wards, you will realise just how valuable your support would be.

And if you visit the hospital to pick up a form you could even stop and enjoy some refreshment at their tea bar and visit their shop, both of which are available because of the kind volunteers who give their time to help raise money.

We are so lucky to have this excellent hospital in our area and it deserves your support, so please will you help them by just becoming a member for £1.

I am not a committee member - just someone wanting their hard work to be appreciated and supported.

Margaret Peet (Mrs)

North Parade, Horsham