LETTER: HAODS deserves excellent facilities

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Your letters

We have been members of HAODS for over ten years and feel very strongly that when the existing Broadbridge Heath Leisure Centre is demolished, adequate provision should be made to replace the excellent, purpose built facilities that we have the privilege of using.

HAODS makes a fantastic contribution to the local community, providing a self funding opportunity for people of all ages and walks of life to become involved in amateur theatre, both on stage and off. It is a place where friendships are forged and all are welcome.

HAODS makes a considerable contribution to the artistic activities of our lovely town and brings much enjoyment not only to its members but also to the general public. We have a fantastic, thriving youth section (Young HAODS) as well as an adult section that has been contributing so much to so many people for many years.

Alongside its own theatrical activities, HAODS are active fundraisers for charity, having raised considerable funds for local and national charities through the activities of our members - amongst many others, raising money for St Catherine’s Hospice and Macmillan Cancer through our charity calendar and supporting other charities by raising funds at events such as open-mic nights.

Whilst it is obvious that the Horsham District needs to evolve - there is clearly a need to optimise the use of council funds - losing such vital facilities cannot be right. The suggested relocation of HAODS to the Drill Hall is clearly inadequate and will not provide the facilities necessary for HAODS to continue to thrive.

Arts and culture are just as vital a part of Horsham’s heritage and its future as sporting activities. It is just not acceptable that in our 60th year, with over 200 active users of our facilities, our future is so uncertain.


Hillside, Horsham