Letter: Halt this madness

YOUR March 8 story (Horsham edition) about the destruction of countryside near Broadbridge Heath to ease the building of 963 ‘homes’ caused me to count the houses and apartments advertised in your property section this week.

The results of my count:

In the price range £0–300k - 93 homes available.

In the price range £301k–500k - 84 homes available.

Over £500k - 60 homes available.

Total for sale: 237.

And, homes available to let - 92 (at least).

Total available: 329.

In addition, there are houses and apartments offered for sale on at least four proposed/under construction developments.

I checked the websites of a sample of the 23 (at least) firms of agents who advertised in the property section this week and found, unsurprisingly, that they have more homes on offer than they have specifically advertised in your pages.

I had the impression that there were at least another 329 homes available and of the order of yet another 329 in the process of being sold (‘sale agreed’).

That made me realise that there are at least 3 x 329 = 987 homes available or in the process for sale or let right now.

One can imagine that in a few weeks’ time there will be a fresh lot of 987 available or in process, and so on throughout the coming year, indicating something of the order of 2,500-5,000 existing homes being available annually to home-seekers in the Horsham District without the need to build any new units.

So why do we allow the destruction of our countryside, the reduction of the quality of our environment and all the inconvenience of over-stretched infrastructure to build 963 additional units near Broadbridge Heath?

They are not necessary and it would be best to halt this madness as soon as possible.


West Chiltington Lane, Billingshurst