LETTER: Halogen lamps cause confusion

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Your letters

I refer to the experience of the motorist and blue lights – seemingly police vehicles (County Times, September 26).

Perhaps I might have the answer, as a similar thing has happened to me. I believe the blue lights are the halogen lamps which are on many cars – a confounded nuisance as they cause dazzle and the flashing could be caused by the vehicle going over an uneven surface.

I was in a coach on the M25 and saw this happen several times. I was sitting in front, so had a good view of the road. No doubt your correspondent was a bit unnerved by this incident – I was when it happened to me, but having seen it happen many times since, I think the Ministry of Transport should ban halogen lamps, they are totally unnecessary, and are very often driven on full beam.

When I drove home from Hop Oast, I had one of these idiots on my tail. Blue lights on, full beam, and shining on to my mirrors. Arrogant so and so.


Greenway, Horsham