LETTER: Grim inevitability of plan decision

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Your letters

To those like me, opposing the housing scheme planned for a green field site north of the A264 (our town boundary), there was a grim inevitability pervading the council meeting of 30 April when the decision was taken to go ahead with the plan.

I could not possibly say that the questions from the public were carefully selected because I have no proof.

However, the first questioner asked Cllr Vickers what would happen if the development were not voted through. This enabled her to say that the developers would then have the right to build whatever they wanted on the same land.

This she repeated later. She also managed to say - twice - that if north Horsham did not get the development, then the pretty villages to the south of the district would suffer.

I have no wish to blight any of the villages but I would appreciate the same consideration being given to the residents of north Horsham.

Just visualise what we face - 2,500 houses, a huge business park, several schools (the secondary school being needed in Southwater), a supermarket, a cemetery and a crematorium.

This is the basis of a new town not the natural development of a ‘historic market town’.

There are to be pedestrian/cycle bridges (plural)spanning the A264 Horsham bypass, new roundabouts and four traffic-light controlled crossings along the bypass.

Can you imagine the traffic chaos throughout the day, not to mention rush hours?

We must fight on.


Havengate, Horsham