LETTER: Greens offering a positive difference

What's on.
What's on.

In his Comment section of 31 October 2013, Mark Dunford states that ‘No one should be surprised that Liz Kitchen retained the Warnham and Rusper county council seat for the Conservatives in Thursday’s by-election’.

However, what is of no surprise to many of us is the County Times bias towards Ms Kitchen in the run up to polling day. Ms Kitchen had a large article to promote herself and her party.

Where were the other articles for the other parties/candidates? Where was the impartial journalistic balance? It is no wonder that Conservative strongholds remain Conservative strongholds, when the local press come out in force in favour of one party against all others.

IF the County Times wanted to provide both balance, and an incentive to raise the turnout above the pitiful 20-plus per cent, it would have had articles for ALL the candidates/parties giving an even balance to all, and show no preference for any particular party or candidate.

It is NOT for a local paper to side with particular candidates/parties, but to provide the electorate with a balanced range of information for all to make their own minds up on, rather than be swayed by a one-sided paper in favour of one party or candidate.

Mr Dunford refers to Ms Kitchen fighting ‘...very hard on behalf of the people she represents’. Others would focus on a different emphasis with regards to Ms Kitchen’s record.

Mr Dunford goes onto suggest with regards to the proposed North Horsham development of 2,500 homes provided by American company Liberty UK

‘...that local people’s concerns should... be represented as boldly and eloquently as possible to ensure that the consultation is genuine and potent’.

Mr Dunford, are you seriously suggesting that that is what this, so-called consultation, has been? More bias!

Finally, Mr Dunford, referring to the low turnout as above, suggests that parties need ‘...to show they can make a difference to the people that they represent; and that their parties are not genteel private members’ clubs with a well-heeled set of rules, but dynamic groups of people outspoken and principled who are determined to do the very best for the people they seek to serve’.

If Mr Dunford or his paper had bothered to research the other candidates/parties, he/they would have seen that at least the Green Party is made up of a group of people absolutely committed to making a positive difference for people, society, and the environment.


Green Party Stop Fracking Now Candidate for Warnham and Rusper County Division by-election of 24/10/13, Honeywood Road, Horsham