LETTER: Greenfield build is step too far

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Your letters

After reading your letters’ pages regarding the proposed development of 2,500 homes, an industrial estate and a new secondary school on greenfields north of the A264 may I add my name to those objecting to this proposal.

Past Horsham councillors wisely stated that no future further development should take place north of the A264 as by its very nature it is the northern boundary of Horsham.

Councillor Vickers, Horsham District Council’s cabinet member for living and working communities (interesting title!), told residents during a live facebook chat that building on brownfield land would continue to be a priority.

I applaud this and would encourage as many of these proposed 2,500 homes if they have to indeed be built to be moved off greenfields and onto some of the various in-town brownfield sites.

I understand for example that Hurst Road will be undergoing future redevelopment and would assume that as councillor Vickers has stated that ‘she doesn’t want a single additional house built than we absolutely need to’ that all brownfield land locations will be exhausted before any further redevelopment is considered in greenbelt areas of Horsham.

As we are all aware with development at Highwood and Wickhurst Green to name but two, building on further greenbelt land to the north of Horsham with the additional traffic chaos it will bring is simply one step too far. I urge residents to wake up to this very real threat and to lobby their local councillors before the council vote on this proposal early next month.


Holming End, Horsham