LETTER: Green fields should remain green

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Your letters

I would like to lodge my objection to the proposal of building on greenbelt land adjacent to the A264.

I live locally to this area and am aware that more than sufficient traffic already uses the A264 and by building on this land would not only spoil the surrounding beautiful countryside but also cause needless congestion on our roads and more noise and pollution! Getting out of Horsham on a daily basis will become an absolute nightmare!

During heavy spells of rain, this road becomes flooded in places and therefore becomes quite treacherous at times. More traffic on this road is likely to to lead to more accidents.

Horsham is an Historic Town and should remain that way. A lot of housebuilding has taken place over the last few years and is still on-going. We don’t want Horsham turning into Crawsham, as this will destroy Horsham’s identity of being an historic, friendly town. The greenbelt countryside should be left as the natural divide between Horsham and Crawley.

From time to time our family take the train from Littlehaven towards London and admire the beautiful countryside and lookout for the rabbits and deer along the way when first leaving Horsham and look forward to seeing them on our return journey. Our countryside is fast disappearing, please do not let this part of the countryside be another casualty.

The greenfields of North Horsham should remain green!

H Butler

Holming End, Horsham