LETTER: ‘Green corridor’ in lost countryside

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Your letters

In the article ‘Lottery grant would see walk be a town legacy’ (26.2.15, p14) you describe Phase 2 of the upgrading of the Horsham Riverside Walk.

You quote Jane Apostolou ‘Small changes to the route are also planned to reflect the future developments north of the A264 and it is intended to ask for a green corridor on the site’.

Does Jane Aspostolou know something we don’t know? If she is referring to the Liberty proposed ‘site’ north of the A264?

She should know that ‘future developments’ have not been approved and there is a real likelihood with fresh faces on the council after the election – they won’t be.

As for a ‘green corridor’ – what a joke – we lose that beautiful piece of countryside and get a ‘green corridor’.

What about the Horsham-Crawley Strategic Gap?


Tennyson Close, Horsham