Letter: Greater problem

WHEN Claire Vickers, outgoing chairman of the Horsham District Council, says that making two secretaries redundant would make life difficult for her and her successor she was probably identifying a much greater problem.

Over the last five years we have seen top echelon council staff encouraged to take early redundancy with enhanced benefits beyond the normal rates, thereby taking with them the knowledge and skills that the council needs to run the service. Heads of departments have been made to double up when they simply do not have that particular experience or they have brought in outside consultants who obviously do not know what they are doing.

Hence you have the ridiculously expensive bin scheme for which nobody can give accurate figures, the Broadbridge Heath Leisure Centre debacle and the Town Hall pantomime.

In your March 1 edition you report that councillors were concerned about a lack of communication between the council members and the professional staff team and I question how they would find each other in an environment where people live under the threat of cutbacks and redundancies.

Perhaps a good place to start would be talking to the bin men themselves who could give our elected members a very good picture of the difficulties they have faced since the scheme was introduced and why their sums are not coming out right.

The new leader, Ray Dawe, says that he and the council will work hard to represent the interests of all our residents which may well mean that because the majority of the population do not use the BHLC they can just go ahead with the sale of the site regardless.

It’s a very simple justification to make. Perhaps the best move would be to sell the council offices and reduce the council to just the cabinet. They appear to make all the decisions, with the help of consultants, of course.


Laughton Road, Horsham