LETTER: Great upset over destructive plan

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I read with great upset pages 42-43 in Horsham District Council’s Autumn District News publication, relating to the destructive and ill-conceived proposal for the greenfields north of Horsham.

The object and the most significant to residents aspects of this consultation are deceptively presented, and at a time when most people are on holiday.

This alone is reason to halt this outrageous proposal in its tracks, as HDC glosses over or provides no mention at all of the implications of this site being chosen as ‘the preferred option’ instead of many much more suitable sites to residents.

This isn’t just a proposal to destroy some greenfields, albeit that these are very special as they are next to Areas of Outstanding Natural Beauty and also provide the necessary separation between Horsham and Crawley.

Although no local resident wishes to be in Crawsham, there are further aspects to this plan which simply have not been released to residents.

It is known that choosing this unsuitable site, outside the town bypass, will result in traffic chaos on the A264, thousands of people parking cars and using the tiny Littlehaven station ( utter destruction of the usability of Rusper and nearby roads with congestion), and loss of North Horsham and Roffey families catchment area for Millais and Forest schools.

If another site is chosen, nearby amenities can grow gently and discreetly, without loss to existing residents, loss of the usability of the A24, loss of very special greenfield land which should be protected along its flora and fauna, which is shared with the neighbouring Areas of Outstanding Natural Beauty, impossible pressure on our train stations and all the problems that result from 2,500-4,500 houses, massive industrial estates, potentially a crematorium and another supermarket replacing the greenfields north of Horsham.

The site at Southwater is infinitely more suitable but has been entirely ignored by Claire Vickers in her outrageously ill-considered plan, which she is pushing with economic arguments that nobody believes.

Shame on HDC councillors to allow this proposal to be in consultation, and at the time when most are on holiday. An ill-considered idea, not supported by any investigation of many other available sites, the low quality of this proposal is not acceptable as a government level investigation that affects the future of our town.

Residents have to object before 11th October, 2013.


Heron Way, Horsham