LETTER: Great conclusion to path problem

Your letters
Your letters

I had cause to write to the Public Rights of Way Officer at West Sussex County Council in February this year to request that something be done to one of our local footpaths. The path in question is to the west of Storrington from Hurston Lane and the part that runs to the east of Parham Gliding field.

A stretch of some 250 yards through woodland had become impassable due to the depth of the mud that seemed to linger for ever. The path was extremely busy with hundreds of walkers using it every week, both locals and tourists alike.

It got so dangerous though that nobody could use it any more, unless of course you were in possession of full mountaineering equipment!

In reply I was informed that my letter was being forwarded to the local Access Ranger. That would be the end of that, I thought. How wrong was I.

Within days the Access Ranger, Katrina Harper, spoke to Margaret, one of the regular walkers, and together visited the site to see what, if anything, could be done.

Well, only a few weeks have passed since then and what a transformation. Katrina and her team have installed a ‘boardwalk’ along the entire length of the problem area.

It looks brilliant, a really professional job, obviously done with great care and consideration.

The guys doing the actual work must be congratulated as should Katrina for pushing the project through.

And so, on behalf of the regular walkers we would like to say thank you. Thank you West Sussex County Council, thank you to Katrina (I bet most people have never heard of an Access Ranger), thank you the the gang who completed the task, and thank you to our Margaret.

The footpath, and beyond, can now be accessed all year round. A great conclusion.


Hormare Crescent, Storrington