Letter: Golden moment for Horsham

IT’S AN exciting time for the UK this year. In June we have our Monarch’s Diamond Jubilee, and in July the Olympics. All around the country people will be celebrating both events by hosting parties and fun days.

In Horsham it will be no different, however the children at Littlehaven Infant School will be celebrating something just as important as the Queen’s Jubilee and the Olympics - this is the year of Littlehaven’s Golden Jubilee!

Littlehaven Infant School first opened its doors on June 18, 1962, the year that the pelican crossing was introduced.

Mrs J. Goodfellow was the school’s first headteacher and there were six classes with a total of 172 children attending the school. As far as we are aware the six classes were named after trees: Elm, Larch, Oak, Willow, Ash and Beech.

Mrs Goodfellow kept a headteacher’s log and one particular entry in 1966 about the school’s Christmas Nativity reads ‘The sincerity of the children moved the parents to tears’.

She was also passionate about naval military history and during the 18 years of service at the school she each year celebrated Trafalgar Day on October 21. One year she even organised a marching band for the children.

So how are we celebrating this golden moment in history?

Lots of events have been planned including the burying of a time capsule, so children of the future can see how the children of 2012 spent their time at the school.

The school is also holding its annual summer fair which will incorporate a golden jubilee party for past pupils and teachers.

We are also hoping to gather memories and photos from past pupils and teachers so that we can print a book of the happy school day memories at Littlehaven.

So if you are a past pupil of Littlehaven we need your HELP!

Do you have any old photographs that we can borrow?

Can you remember your school days?

Would you like to come along and help us celebrate 50 years?

We are also very interested in hearing from anyone who went to the school during its early days of the 1960s and 1970s.

If so please visit Littlehaven Infant School website at www.littlehaven.w-sussex.sch.uk/

And click on the link which will connect you to a web page where you will be able to leave information.

Or you can contact me ,Jo Smith, via email to theladys@hotmail.com.

Please contact us before March 31. It would be fantastic if you were able to help us in both Littlehaven’s effort of publishing the memory book or just to celebrate in the history of the school.


Littlehaven Infant School

Hawkesbourne Road