LETTER: Give the people a public meeting

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Your letters

I write in response to the piece by Andrew Blevins, ‘Developer answers key questions’ (County Times September 26). Except that, in my view, he didn’t really answer many of the questions at all! The piece was long on vague promises but short on hard facts!

The WSCT has devoted many column inches to this topic in recent weeks, especially the letters. Therefore, I do not propose to challenge Mr Blevins on each of his (mainly rather vague) points.

Instead, I challenge him and senior HDC councillors to set up a public meeting with the people of North Horsham!

Come out of the shadows, all of you! Let’s see something a bit more concrete, like some models, artists’ impressions and more detailed plans! Give us some clarity and hard facts, rather than wishy washy analogies with Oliver Twist!

The most likely ‘asking for more’ will be by the developer wanting to build more and more houses, on top of the 2,500 already proposed. At least, that is the suspicion of many people.

So, prove us wrong, Mr Blevins - if you can!


Heath Way, Horsham