LETTER: Give taxpayers more of a say

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Your letters

The people of Dorking are to get their say on whether or not they want to form an independent town council after a decision to go ahead with the plans was unanimously approved.

It is hoped that by establishing a town or ‘community’ council Dorking would gain more of a say over what goes on within its own boundaries and statutory powers to make decisions (Dorking Advertiser, page 7, Thursday November 20).

As Dorking is only 12 miles away from Horsham this should ‘put the wind up’ Horsham District Council cabinet.

Dear oh dear, it would never do for Horsham. That us poor hapless council taxpayers should actually have more of a say as to how our hard earned cash is wasted, I mean spent, would be unthinkable.

Bring it on I say and let’s have a breath of unfettered air blown into Horsham.


Dorking Road, Warnham