LETTER: Give space to sports activities

Your letters
Your letters

I am writing in reference to the map and comments regarding the Broadbridge Heath Quadrant master plan.

Would the council please advise the details of the area allocated to the leisure and bowls centres?

I feel the total area is mainly allocated to flats and residential properties so the leisure and bowls club has not even been given any thought.

May I suggest the council gives both these sports activities the space they deserve.

The sports centre is always busy and the bowls club helps to maintain the exercise and companionship the older generation require. I am a bowler at the HDIBC and enjoy the exercise and company which the council will deprive people of if it does not allocate a future bowls centre.

I read very recently the MP for health advise the elderly must be kept active so the NHS could continue to cope with the retired people of this country.

HDC please advise what you are going to do to keep the older generation healthy?


The Forge, Southwater