LETTER: Give councillors a vote warning

Your letters
Your letters

I have been most impressed by the coverage and quality of letters relating to the housing issue that you have printed. I can add little comment but I do feel that it is now time for some direct action.

I have two suggestions to make. Firstly, I do appreciate that the council are under pressure from HM Government Planning Inspectors.

In this context I doubt that more opposition is enough and that the council should put forward some definite proposals for consideration.

Readers will be aware of the large derelict site opposite the Millennium Hall in Crawley Road, Roffey.

This has been empty for some years although I do believe that it is designated for affordable housing.

I suggest that the council act now with whatever powers they have to ensure that this takes place. This alone will not provide the necessary housing stock but it would demonstrate good faith and be food for thought for the Government Inspectors.

Secondly, I believe that the council should be made aware of the consequences of their decision.

I therefore suggest a Letter of Intent as follows:

To All Council Members –

‘You are all respected members of the community and I appreciate your efforts on behalf of Horsham residents.

‘However, the proposed housing development along the A264 would have such a devastating effect on both the environment and character of the area that I could not re-elect a council that approved such measures.

‘Should the council, despite overwhelming opposition, proceed with the development, I will no longer vote for my present local councillor.’

This, or a similar statement, will hopefully be endorsed by the official opposition groups who could organise some sort of petition, possibly online.


Gateford Drive, Horsham