LETTER: Gap abolition to allow Crawsham

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The letter by Janette Webber (12.2.15, ‘Strategic Gaps already abolished’) raises the question as to how (in defence of consistency let alone any moral argument) can Cllr Vickers justify the rejection of the football club’s application at Hop Oast for infringement of one Strategic Gap (her one in Southwater) – yet not regard breaking the 30 year policy protecting the Horsham –Crawley Strategic Gap as hypocritical?

Well of course one piece of green land affects voters in Cllr Vickers’ ward of Southwater whereas the other doesn’t.

But then on page 67 (rather tucked away and liable to be missed) is an excellent article by David Moore ‘Strategic Gaps - do they really exist’.

As you say in your Editorial it is a ‘well informed piece’. Horsham District Council had a policy document about preserving the strategic gaps around Horsham.

Regrettably it was Cllr Vickers that abolished the council’s policy on Strategic Gaps and replaced it with a watered down policy of avoiding ‘coalescence’ between urban areas which is very subjective.

It was her actions in abolishing the Horsham-Crawley Strategic Gap that allowed Liberty in and will allow Crawsham to become a reality.

And what did the local members of Cllr Helena Croft, Roy Cornell and Jim Rae do? Blindly voted for the policy.


New Moorhead Drive, Horsham