LETTER: Game-changer for fresh start

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Your letters

Cllr Kate Rowbottom’s letter explaining why she will not sign the County Times Free Speech Charter will do nothing to reassure voters.

Her assertion that the Conservatives on Horsham District Council do not have a whip is simple nonsense. Has she forgotten the disgraceful threat issued by her erstwhile

Tory colleague Jim Rae prior to the vote on the council’s Preferred Strategy?

If so let me remind her. It read ‘members are advised that voting against a Group majority decision is not an option unless they accept that group disciplinary proceedings will immediately follow’. That is a whip.

People have had enough of this sort of local politics. The County Times Free Speech Charter is a game-changer and a chance for a fresh start. Candidates standing in the May council election under a party banner who refuse to sign the Charter are simply putting their electors on notice that when the chips are down they are likely put their party before the people they represent.


Old Denne Gardens, Horsham