LETTER: Future of town is in jeopardy

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I have been saddened and disheartened to hear so many of Horsham’s residents saying that there is no point lodging a complaint against HDC’s Preferred Strategy to build a massive development north of the A264 as they believe the development is already a fait accompli.

What better way to make sure that the development does go ahead than to sit back on our heels and do absolutely nothing and how wonderful for the council that most of their residents are so apathetic.

Please remember that not only is doing nothing absolutely the best way to make sure that the development does get the go-ahead but that also in doing so you are throwing away one of our most precious rights as a British citizen; the right to free speech.

Millions of people worldwide have died for our right to say how we feel, publicly and without fear of reprisals from the State. We honour these people with memorials and statues but all of that means nothing if we don’t honour them with our actions by exercising the very right for which they fought.

Despite HDC’s best efforts, the planning process is a democratic one and this is the point during the whole process when we get to have our say.

Don’t be the person who said that it was too hard, or that you didn’t have time, or that it was already a done deal. It is important to react now because the future of our town as we know it is in jeopardy. It is important to react now because we can.


Shottermill, Horsham