LETTER: Full investigation is now required

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Your letters

I was truly shocked to read further ‘shenanigans’ at Horsham District Council (HDC) in Joshua Powling’s piece: ‘Resident ‘concerned’ council asked paper to release his letters’ (18.12.14, p4).

Mr Jonathan Dancer, as a member of the Conservative Party, has indicated his wish to stand as a candidate for that party at Horsham District Council’s May elections in the Roffey North ward, where one of the seats is currently held by Conservative Helena Croft.

I read the letter columns each week and have been impressed by Mr Dancer’s erudite epistles.

I was even more impressed by the lucidity and fact-based contributions he made at the recent inspection hearings about the HDC’s flawed plan for housing and economic development. He clearly was representing the views of a great many residents of North Horsham and he had the courage to stand up and be counted – as he said: ‘…and that’s not easy’.

So why was Cllr Helena Croft (Roffey North), Cabinet Member for Communication, Horsham Town and Special Projects, and the HDC communications department, wanting to have copies of all Mr Dancer’s letters to your paper?

Why him and not for example me? I have written far more letters – one or two in critical vein - to the WSCT over the last 12 months and have the distinction of causing Cllr Circus to abandon a council meeting and call the police (December 2013) when I had the temerity to insist on the cabinet member for planning answering a question properly in public.

There are many others too who have kept up a steady stream of not very complimentary letters about the council and not least Cllr Croft. So why pick on Jonathan Dancer?

Mr Dancer would be a breath of fresh air in the council.

The council, in asking for Mr Dancer’s letters, has acted in a manner which requires a full investigation.


Tennyson Close, Horsham