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Your letters

With reference to the ‘Memory Lane’ article about the ‘Changing face of school across the ages’ quite a large chunk of Tanbridge history has been left out.

It is mentioned that Mr Glover’s house was sold in 1921 to the West Sussex County Council and in 1951 converted into a school. The period of 30 years mentioned is most important to us ‘old girls’ of Tanbridge.

I was one of the fortunate country girls to win a WSCC scholarship to the High School in 1932. I think the building became a school about 1924.

I was there 1932-37 and there were approximately 200 of us. A few privately paid for girls who were members of the business families, as in those days people lived over their shops in West Street, and girls came from quite a large area of central Sussex.

I remember we had girls from Warnham, Lower Beeding, Cowfold, Billingshurst, Wisborough Green, Amberley, Pulborough and Bury and a total of seven from Crawley which was a very small town in those days.

We all took the Oxford School Certificate exam in our fifth year and if you passed high enough to achieve Matriculation standard it was an automatic pass into University.

In those days a child could only go to college at university level if their parents could pay the fees. We were all from ‘working class’ families and no way could the fees be found.

However, our Loan Fund fête raised enough money to send one girl, our brightest pupil, to university. She was brilliant at languages and went on to teach Latin and English in France and then to learn Hindi and Tamil and become a headmistress of a large High School in India.

From the country villages girls travelled by bus, train or bicycle. I cycled seven miles each way every day from Cowfold parish to Worthing Road, Horsham.

Many girls became nurses, doctors, teachers and members of the Civil Service, all possible because of the great teaching at HHS.

I am 92 and don’t like to think of the 1921-51 period of history of the house being overlooked.

Thanks for the Memory Lane items – very interesting.


Hurst Road, Horsham